About Himoriwabi Couture

Himoriwabi Couture and the spirit of Kaizen 改善

Kaizen is a Japanese concept and philosophy meaning continuous improvement - to constantly change for the better.

Kaizen refers to any improvement, one-time or continuous, large or small.

Because even small, ongoing positive changes can reap significant improvements.

Kaizen has always played a huge role in the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship - from craftsmen who make kintsugi, ceramics, and glasses to chalk makers and even car manufacturers, those who have made a name for themselves and their crafts have always lived the spirit of Kaizen.

Every minute detail, every stroke of the brush is intended and serves a purpose.

Inspired by that same spirit, Himoriwabi Couture started off with a simple dream to create the most beautiful and comfortable Samue ever made.

Seeing our own reflection in the Samue

We believe that the Samue is the perfect home living attire.
It reflects the sophistication and elegance of its wearer while being extremely comfortable and relaxing.

Japanese traditional designs are fascinating in nature.
They captivate your spirit and lead you to wonder about the rich history behind each piece.

The Samue is no exception.
Traditionally worn by monks in Zen Buddhist temples, artists, or even doctors, it is also widely worn as homewear, both at home, in the ryokan (traditional hotel), or at the onsen (hot spring).

And it is our goal to turn this versatile piece of clothing into something even greater.
Something that can help you sleep better, relax better, and live better.

There is no end to innovation and improvement. Every year, new cars with better engines, safety systems, and convenience are being made. Better phones with better functionalities, better computers.

We believe that clothing can be made better as well.
Our time spent at home CAN be made better and our goal is to be like the ever improving environment - to embody the spirit of Kaizen and Japanese craftsmanship to continue to improve your home living experience.

Our Process and Promise

Our Samue is the best and we are still continuing to improve.
We’ve designed our Samue to do just about everything from rigorous exercise to soothing sleep.
Of course it wouldn’t be the best idea to run a marathon in it, but we made sure that moving around in it feels as comfortable as possible.

To do this, our Samue are created through rigorous processes and are very labor intensive. As a result, most of our Samue are only available through made-to-order.

At Himoriwabi Couture, we are committed to delivering only the best. All our Samue are tested beyond industry standards to ensure impeccable quality and durability.


Chokusetsu Pricing Philosophy

Our Samue making process is extremely labor and technology intensive but that does not mean our Samue must be extremely expensive in turn.

Instead of cutting corners to reduce the quality of our product, we cut out the middlemen and other related costs to bring you a Samue of exquisite quality at direct-to-consumer prices.

On top of that, we offer free delivery - Anywhere in the world.

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