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New & improved, intricately designed to provide only the best sleep experience.

Improved 1. Sleep 2. Posture 3. Pain Refief

Himoriwabi Evercool Blanket Pro

Our most advanced cooling blanket, simply made better. The blanket designed for true comfort. Engineered for:

1. Complex Production Excellence

2. Superior Cooling Performance

3. Unmatched Breathability

4. Enhanced Comfort

5. Temperature Regulation

6. Pain Relief

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Himoriwabi CoolMax Posture Correcting Pillow

Cheaper, more comfortable, better features, more ergonomic. The cooling pillow designed to improve posture & sleep. Featuring:

1. Ergonomic Excellence

2. Supportive Materials

3. Sleep Position Support

4. Temperature Regulation

5. Breathable Fabrics

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Himoriwabi Spine Support Memory Pillow

A support pillow that works together with your favorite pillow. Slip this under your neck, just below your current pillow and experience the release of tension that pulses through your entire body. Made for:

1. Targeted Neck Support

2. Complements existing pillow

3. Posture Improvement

4. Pain Relief

5. Enhanced Sleep Quality

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