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Himoriwabi Samue - Eversoft Bamboo™

Himoriwabi Samue - Eversoft Bamboo™

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The most comfortable and carefully woven Samue ever made.

Made with Eversoft Bamboo that glides across your skin and gently embraces your body - unlike any other fabric you have ever experienced.

For better mental & physical well being - from morning till night.

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$150 OFF - Sizes M, L, XL

$120 OFF - Sizes S, XXL, 3XL (Shipping times will be 1-3 weeks longer for these sizes due to low stock)

This product includes both the Samue top and bottom.

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Made with Eversoft Bamboo™

Loosen your muscles, let out a sigh, and lean back.
Because it's time... to relax.

Incredibly soft & smooth to the touch - Made with a high quality bamboo blend that's 3x softer than premium cotton.

Exquisite craftsmanship - Put together by master artisans with over 30 years of experience.

Irresistible quality & design - Impeccable cutting, stitching, and unmatched overall quality coupled with the classic 1800's Samue design.

The most luxuriously comfortable unisex Samue ever made.

Primed For Daily Use

Comfort and style that can last a lifetime

Double Reinforced Durability - Reinforced by experienced craftsmen at every stress point from lapel to cuff for increased durability.

Stretch resistant elasticity - stretches up to 1.5x original length and always comes back to its original shape.

Shrinkproof & Easy Care - No fuss required because this Samue can be machine washed!

Delicate softness with not-so-delicate durability.

Optimized for
all-night comfort

High moisture wicking capabilities - Stay cool, dry, and asleep all night with a Samue that soaks up and dissipates moisture 2x faster than regular pajamas.

Enhanced thermoregulating breathability - designed to reduce heat and humidity in your bed by an incredible 50%.

Friction-free comfort - Finding a comfortable sleeping position is easier when you're already so snug & relaxed. Tossing & turning less also means falling asleep faster.

Enjoy the benefits of true relaxation with Himoriwabi's all new Samue - Eversoft Bamboo™.

For better mental & physical well being - from morning till night.

Elevate your mornings with a wave of freshness that caresses your entire body.

Recharge your afternoons with mindful & stress-free living.

Indulge in your nights with truly rejuvenating sleep.

The Bamboo Advantage.

Exquisite Softness

Resistant to odor, mold, mildew, and bacteria

Easy to care/wash

Wrinkle-free, stain resistant

Shrink resistant

Extremely comfortable

Extremely breathable

UV protection

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The Samue - Eversoft Bamboo™ has been tested beyond industry standards to ensure impeccable quality and durability.

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30-day 100% money back guarantee if it doesn't meet your expectations

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Quality Assured
1 Year Warranty because our Eversoft Bamboo™ is built to last

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