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Himoriwabi Teiden Sleep Mask Pro

Himoriwabi Teiden Sleep Mask Pro

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Designed to be the best sleep mask ever made.

100% blackout, zero eye pressure, unmatched comfort - All optimized for side sleepers.

Improve your sleep quality with Himoriwabi's most advanced sleep mask.


Optimized for side sleepers with air cushioned memory foam

Featuring a wider & deeper eye cup designed to put zero pressure on your eyes and eyelashes.

Our new Teiden Sleep Mask Pro curves around your head with it's air cushioned memory foam to provide 360° comfort even when you're sleeping on your side.

Our nose ridge design sits comfortably on your nose to lock the sleep mask in place - preventing any movement or need for adjustment.

Cup design

Enhanced breathability

A common difficulty with sleep masks is keeping it breathable while still ensuring that 100% blackout.

Some sleep masks are good at blocking light but they block air from passing through as well, making you feel stuffy around your eyes. Others just don't block enough light.Breathable materials

Interwoven with ice silk for gentle comfort & heat dissipation

We eliminated both problems by interweaving our sleep mask with ice silk.

This gives our mask thermoregulating breathability and heat dissipation - giving you cool, breathable comfort AND 100% blackout.

It also has the added benefit of being extremely comfortable, soft, and smooth.

Ice silk weave

Refined strap design

Most sleep masks use a velcro strap design for adjustability.

But that can cause several issues.

- Your hair or pillow can sometimes get stuck on it

- It can feel bulky at the back of your head

- It can be difficult to adjust and might lose strength over time

That's why in our Teiden Sleep Mask Pro, we used an extremely thin adjustable slide buckle strap so that it's easier to adjust, stays in place better, doesn't feel bulky, and it won't stick to your hair or pillow.

Strap design

FAQ & Instructions

1. How to care for and wash Teiden Sleep Mask Pro

- Recommended to hand wash with laundry detergent

- Water temperature should not exceed 104°F or 40°C

- After washing, hang dry without twisting


2. How to wear for best fit

- The ridge of the eye mask & the bridge of your nose should fit vertically

- Gently press on both sides of your nose to ensure 100% blackout

- Adjust the buckle strap so that it doesn't sit too close to your ears. Tighten as needed


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