What makes Himoriwabi Couture's Samue so special

Himoriwabi Couture has been making Japanese style clothing and accessories for years and their proudest creation is still their world renowned Samue.

How Himoriwabi Samue is different from other Samue makers

Currently, Himoriwabi Couture offers 4 different kinds of Samue, in 4 different materials. So how are they any different? They certainly look the same from a distance but what is it that really sets them apart?

First of all, all 4 of Himoriwabi's different kinds of Samue stand out from other clothing makers because of the sheer effort and skill required to produce such an outstanding piece of clothing. From material extraction to Wazarashi bleaching to final packaging and customer service, Himoriwabi as a brand is committed to serving their customers with excellence and the spirit of Kaizen.

At the same time, the people at Himoriwabi Couture do everything they can to keep costs as low as possible for the end consumers. The production costs for such a piece of clothing is not cheap but they managed to still make it affordable for most people. Instead of cutting corners and making an inferior product, they cut out the middlemen and other related costs to bring you their high quality Samue at a reasonable and affordable price.

Himoriwabi has designed their Samue to do just about everything from rigorous exercise to soothing sleep. Of course it wouldn’t be the best idea to run a marathon in it, but they made sure that moving around in it feels as comfortable as possible.

To do this, their Samue are created through rigorous processes and are very labor intensive. As a result, most of our Samue are only available through made-to-order.

How do Himoriwabi Couture's 4 different Samue differ among themselves?

We've discussed how Himoriwabi's Samue stand out from other Samue makers. But how are their 4 different types of Samue different from each other?

All 4 of Himoriwabi's Samue are made with different materials and are made in slightly different methods. These seemingly small differences actually impact the final product a great deal and determine how the intended use of the final Samue.

1. Samue I

Made from 100% cotton into a soft and fluffy cotton crepe, the Samue I is soft, comfortable, light, and breathable. This Samue stands out as the fluffiest of all 4 and it is ideal for people who like to feel snug in warmer climates.

The fluffy and comfortable Samue.

2. Samue II

Made from cotton reinforced with flax linen to increase it's durability. Unlike the Samue I, it's surface is not fluffy but it is still extremely soft and comfortable. This Samue stands out as the most breathable of all 4 and it is best for people who like to stay cool in warmer climates or if you experience night sweats. 

The aesthetically pleasing and most breathable Samue for warmer seasons.

3. Samue Zeitaku™

Made from Zeitaku™ Hybrid Cotton reinforced with polyester, the Samue Zeitaku™ is the thickest of all 4. It has super high durability and it's made to literally last an entire lifetime. This Samue is perfect for colder climates and will keep you extremely snug and warm throughout the winter seasons. 

The most snug and durable Samue that keeps you warm in colder seasons.

4. Samue - Eversoft Bamboo™

Made from Eversoft Bamboo™ Fiber, this Samue is the most labor and technology intensive Samue to product. It is super soft, comfortable, and breathable. It's thermoregulating breathability is great for temperature regulation meaning it can be worn during summer or winter - ideal for countries that experience the 4 seasons. It is also naturally anti-bacterial and has double-reinforced durability.

The highest quality and most versatile Samue for all seasons.

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