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Sakkaku - Kiriko Whiskey Glass

Sakkaku - Kiriko Whiskey Glass

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One of the most intricate pieces in our new collection. 

The Sakkaku represents mystery and sophistication - something that is much more than meets the eye.

The careful precision it takes to create this optical illusion of 2 flat sides is what makes the Sakkaku so special. The Kiku Tsuanagi chrysanthemum patterns are arranged along 2 sides to create an optical illusion that the glass is flat on these 2 sides. In reality, the glass is round and there are no indentations or corners along the sides!

On the other 2 sides, contrasting colors of black and green are just thin enough to playfully blend with different intensities of light, creating dazzling displays of color and shadow that are unique to every instance.

Even the rim of the glass sometimes appears silver and reflective from certain angles. Perhaps that is why it is aptly name Sakaku - the illusion.

Each glass we ship comes in the original wooden casing for you to be the very next person to have touched the Sakkaku after it’s craftsman.

Capacity: 270ml (9.12 oz)

Base: 8cm (3.14 inches)

Height: 9.5cm (3.74 inches)

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