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Himoriwabi Samue Zeitaku

Himoriwabi Samue Zeitaku

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Samue Color

The Samue Zeitaku™ : When Tradition Meets Innovation.

With research-backed innovations engineered for enhanced durability, improved comfort, and a whole lot more.

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Himoriwabi Samue Zeitaku™

1800's design with modern features

The traditional Edo period Japanese Samue - remodelled with our Zeitaku™ Hybrid Cotton.

Retaining the traditional 1800s design while improving the overall Samue experience with enhanced durability, improved comfort, and a lot more.

New-generation Zeitaku™ Hybrid Cotton

The Samue Zeitaku™ is intended to be used as both leisure at-home wear and soothing sleepwear

Bringing you sophisticated style and comfort from your bedroom to your living room.

Sleep in buttery soft & smooth comfort - sleepwear that feels like a cloud, the wearable form of "comfort food"

No more night sweats with thermoregulating breathability - woven with micro-gaps all around that lets your skin breath so you won't feel stuffy or uncomfortable

Improved moisture wicking & fast drying - absorbs any remaining sweat like a sponge so you'll feel fresh and ready for sleep

Unrestrictive comfort with enhanced elasticity - stretches up to 1.4x its original length, giving you freedom of movement to feel relaxed in any position

Built to last

Our new-generation Zeitaku™ Hybrid Cotton has all the Softness, Lightness and Comfort of premium cotton but with so much more.

Combined with time-tested craftsmanship, this Samue provides unmatched comfort that can last a lifetime.

We anticipated that our customers may want to wear our Samue daily, giving us the opportunity to make it extremely durable and easy to care for.

6x more durable
 than regular cotton

Withstanding more than 100 pounds of pulling force making it extremely tear-resistant and primed for years of daily use.

Wrinkle free
& shrinkproof

Wash & tumble dry even at max strength and your Samue will still come out looking good as new.

Not sure about your size?

Use the size chart and size guide below to find your perfect fit

The Samue Zeitaku™ has been tested beyond industry standards to ensure impeccable quality and durability.

30-day 100% money back guarantee if it doesn't meet your expectations

1 to 1 Exchange if doesn't fit how you want it

1 Year Warranty because our Zeitaku™ is built to last

If there are any issues at all with your order, simply email us at and our friendly staff will help you out!


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