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Sazanami (漣) by Kazuo Tanaka

Sazanami (漣) by Kazuo Tanaka

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Material: Premium Ceramic

Experience the serene elegance of the Sazanami Dinnerware Collection, meticulously designed by the esteemed Japanese artist Kazuo Tanaka. Drawing on over 40 years of expertise, Tanaka-san has infused each ceramic piece with the tranquil beauty of "sazanami" (ripples), symbolizing the gentle and harmonious movement of water.


  • Hand-Painted Ripple Motifs: Reflecting the calm and soothing essence of rippling water.
  • Masterful Craftsmanship: Each piece is expertly crafted from high-quality ceramic, ensuring durability and a luxurious finish.
  • Timeless Design: Blending traditional Japanese artistry with modern functionality, perfect for any dining experience.

Bring a touch of Japanese heritage to your table with the Sazanami Collection, where each piece tells a story of timeless artistry and natural beauty.

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