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Himoriwabi Koshi Taoru

Himoriwabi Koshi Taoru

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Waffle-weave towels made from premium cotton - consistently rated among the best in the world.

  • First-class comfort - soft to the touch & extremely light
  • Fast drying - dries up to 5x faster than regular towels
  • Extremely absorbent - waffle like texture & superior threads that wick moisture with ease
  • Odor & bacteria resistant - stays fresh up to 7x longer
  • Organic & hypoallergenic - perfect for sensitive skin


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Himoriwabi Koshi Taoru

Incredibly soft and uniquely textured, each towel is made from fine, garment-quality thread that’s gently woven into intersecting sections.

Himoriwabi Koshi Taoru has a unique waffle-like texture that is soft to the touch, highly absorbent, and elegantly sculpted.  

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Fast drying & extremely absorbent 


These 100% cotton towels are gently woven to maintain the integrity of the threads.


The result is a superior towel with reduced shrinkage and incredible comfort.


Fast drying and also extremely absorbent. These towels are consistently rated among the best in the world.


Perfect for the modern household 

Blending neutral colorways with a three-dimensional texture, the Himoriwabi Koshi Taoru is an artful accent for the modern household.

This style features a dramatic waffle weave that invites you to touch it. 

Soft to the touch and elegantly sculpted, this bestselling towel is our idea of functional elegance. 

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