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Himoriwabi Ryokō Makura - Neck Pillow

Himoriwabi Ryokō Makura - Neck Pillow

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Start experiencing comfort - everywhere!

Whether you're at home or on the go, our Ryokō Makura can ensure that your neck is supported and tension is relieved.

Prevent neck strain!

Neck & head support is extremely essential - headaches, tension, and difficulty sleeping can sometimes be caused by stiff neck.

We created our Ryokō Makura to ensure that you can keep your neck in a comfortable and relaxed position no matter where you are - preventing all the problems and pains that arise from neck strain.

A neck pillow keeps the neck straight - it keeps your airway unobstructed and your neck aligned to your spine. So even if you're just at home sitting at your desk, you'll still feel the benefits of a good neck pillow.

Designed for complete comfort

Our neck pillow is designed to be breathable, durable, and easy to care for! It's outer pillow case is made from 100% knitted cotton, making it extremely soft and smooth.

We also filled the interior with 100% Japanese Sara Microparticles (Food Grade) for adjustable support and luxurious comfort.

Home living essentials

A neck pillow is a must-have at home because we are often unaware of when our necks are in a strained position. Keeping one around the house helps you be mindful of neck strain and prevents problems before they arise!

We've put together a bundle of home living essentials that we know you'll love - ALL for less than $60!

Neck Pillow

Teiden Sleep Mask Pro


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