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Himoriwabi Sobakawa Posture Correcting Pillow

Himoriwabi Sobakawa Posture Correcting Pillow

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This pillow is not intended for everyone. If you rarely experience trouble sleeping and you're able to find a comfortable sleep posture, simply upgrading your pillowcase may do wonders.

The Himoriwabi Sobakawa Posture Correcting Pillow was made to help you sleep better with healthy sleep postures - combating common sleep problems such as:

  1. Feeling too hot/ night sweats
  2. Unable to find a comfortable position
  3. Neck/back stiffness and aches
  4. Snoring that affects sleep
  5. Difficulty falling asleep
  6. Sleep anxiety

Experience better sleep, posture, and health with Sobakawa.


Pillow Measurements: 17.3 x 24.4in / 44 x 62cm


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Himoriwabi Sobakawa
Posture Correcting Pillow

Traditional Japanese Sobakawa pillow - made better.

Ergonomic design embedded with antimicrobial graphene. Added comfort, added durability, added versatility.

Experience better sleep, posture, and health with Sobakawa.

Sobakawa そば殻 = Buckwheat Husk

What is a Sobakawa
(そば殻) pillow?

Japanese Sobakawa pillows are pillows filled with buckwheat husk, giving it a firmer, more moldable shape which provides exceptional neck support among many other benefits.

Breathability - Unlike memory foam, which is notorious for trapping body heat, sobakawa promotes steady airflow, maintaining a cool core temperature within the interior

Durability - Sobakawa is naturally extremely durable - with an average pillow life span of 10 to 20 years while other pillows usually last only 1 to 3 years 

Versatility & Easy Care - Sobakawa fillings can be added or removed easily. This means you can adjust the volume of pillow to suit your needs and even remove all the fillings when you need to wash it 

Why doctors recommend Sobakawa pillows

Sobakawa pillows are most well known for their firmness and versatility - providing excellent support for your neck and spine while being easily adjustable so you have the perfect posture all night.

Neck and spine alignment is one of the most researched topics in sleep science and has proven to lead to tremendous benefits even outside of sleep. These include:

Better posture - relieving tension and loosening stiff muscles

Reduce neck & back pain - one of the leading causes of pain is bad sleeping posture

Improved metabolism - Better spine alignment relieves nervous tension throughout the body, allowing it to more efficiently convert food to energy and even improve the digestive system

Prevent other severe health issues - over time, improper alignment could lead to stiffness, pain, loss of height, and other severe health issues

Doctors have been recommending Japanese Sobakawa pillows for years to treat symptoms such as anxiety, stress, pains, tension, snoring, and insomnia.

How we made Sobakawa even better - and cheaper

Good Sobakawa pillows are hard to produce and may not be available in many areas of the world. They usually range from at $400 to over $1000, making it inaccessible to many people.

To make Sobakawa pillows more accessible, comfortable, and truly bring its benefits worldwide, we made several improvements to the original design.



Embedded with antimicrobial graphene



With incredibly soft & thick layer of Hybrid Tencel to dampen the firmness of common Sobakawa Pillows



Reinforced with bamboo fibre for added strength and easier care. Machine washable



Buckwheat husk filling is easy to access, allowing quick adjustability of pillow loft & firmness


Superior Neck &
Spine Support

Modern ergonomic design for optimal sleep posture



Ventilated covers to diffuse heat and promote air flow